Will I need to attend the solicitor's office to make my cycling injury claim?

If you have sustained injuries from a cycling accident you may find travelling to a solicitor's office difficult or inconvenient - particularly if your injuries mean you are unable to cycle or drive a vehicle.

Fortunately we can deal with your claim without needing to meet. In the first instance you can contact us by email or telephone to discuss bringing a compensation claim against another party.

What will my solicitor need to know about my accident?

Your solicitor need to you to answer a few simple questions to establish if your claim is likely to be successful. These will include:

What were the circumstances of the accident?

For example:

What are your injuries?

What supporting evidence do you have?

He will also ask if you have any evidence to support your claim such as:

Progressing the claim

Once your solicitor has confirmed that you are able to make a claim, much of the evidence may be sent by email.

If you do need to see your solicitor he can arrange to visit you either at home or in another suitable location, at a time that is convenient for you.

Would it be better to use a solicitor local to me?

Many law firms cover all types of legal work, but personal injury cases are better handled by specialist lawyers who handle cases similar to yours all the time.

Using their experience and knowledge, they have the expertise to quickly understand your situation and act to ensure your case is progressed to a successful outcome.


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