What is After the Event (ATE) Insurance?

After the event insurance (ATE) is a type of insurance policy designed to cover the legal expenses associated with personal injury litigation. Unlike most insurance policies, ATE insurance is taken out after your accident.

No win, no fee

When you make a personal injury claim you would normally be responsible for paying the defendant’s legal costs, as well as any fees and costs incurred by your solicitor.

If you are making a claim on a no win, no fee basis, you would enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) with your solicitor.

When combined with a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), ATE insurance provides financial protection against the risk of having to pay legal expenses if you lose your claim.

ATE insurance is a key component of all no win, no fee claims.

Who pays for ATE insurance?

The cost of the ATE insurance policy is paid for by the claimant if, and only if, the claim is successful. The cost of the ATE policy is deducted from the claimant's compensation.

If the claim is not successful, the claimant does not have to pay for the ATE policy.

How do I take out ATE Insurance?

When you first instruct a personal injury solicitor, but before legal costs start to mount up, your solicitor will arrange ATE Insurance to cover the legal costs of your claim.

Your solicitor should obtain quotes from various ATE insurers and the will select the best policy offering the best cover for your claim.

How much is ATE insurance?

ATE insurance premiums are dependent on the type of claim, the level of cover, and the strength of your case. In most cases accepted by personal injury solicitors, the cost of the ATE insurance premium is nominal.

ATE offers protection to claimants with a less certain claim, enabling them to get legal representation without the risk of incurring expensive fees - even if their case is borderline.

In the event that your claim is not successful, covering both the defendant's legal fees and any costs and disbursements.

When is the ATE policy paid for?

Rather than being payable upfront, most ATE insurance policies are payable at the end of the claim when it is successfully concluded, and once the defendant has paid the compensation.

What does ATE Insurance cover?

ATE insurance covers the legal expenses associated with personal injury litigation, as well as the risk of having to pay the defendant’s legal fees and costs if your claim is unsuccessful.

ATE insurance will also cover any costs and disbursements incurred on your behalf, such as:

Speak to a solicitor

Your solicitor will provide you with detailed information about ATE insurance, including the level of cover that best suits your circumstances, and the potential costs associated with the insurance. They can also provide guidance on other available options to protect you against legal expenses in the event of an unsuccessful claim.


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