Do I have a cycling compensation claim?

After sustaining an injury from an accident on a bicycle, you may be unsure whether or not you are eligible to claim.

There are many factors to consider, and speaking to one of our specialists may help you decide whether to bring a compensation claim.

Some of the questions you may wish to consider first are set out below.

Can I claim if I don't know who caused the accident?

Your accident may have been caused either by a collision with another road user (for example a vehicle turning left across your path, or a driver opening a car door in front of you), or you may have lost control of your cycle and fallen because of the state of the road surface - potholes, loose gravel, spilled oil for example.

In any of these circumstances, an experienced solicitor will help you to determine who was to blame, and who a claim would be made against.

Even if you were partly to blame for the accident that caused your injuries, you should still be able to claim, although the award for damages may be reduced to reflect your negligence. The law can be complex so the advice you get will help you to make your claim against the right people.

There were no witnesses to my accident, can I claim?

In many cases there may have been no-one around to witness your accident, particularly if you fell from your cycle after perhaps skidding on gravel or hitting a raised manhole cover.

Your own evidence can be used to support your claim for compensation, so it is useful if you are able to take photos of the incident and the surroundings.

If the accident occurred in a town centre, even if no witnesses came forward to assist you at the time of your injury, shops and premises may have CCTV cameras that recorded the event. Your solicitor can assist with enquiries to find this supporting evidence.

How can I find out for certain if I can bring a claim for my cycling injury?

At Cycling Injury Legal, we offer a free no-obligation consultation that aims to provide information tailored to your circumstances. Our specialist will help to find the answers you need and will offer practical guidance regarding the claims process.


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